July 2015 Power Outage

Facilities Power Announcement:

Planned Power Outage Scheduled for Saturday, July 11

JULY 6, 2015

Buildings Affected: 33B, 50, 50A, 50B, 50C, 50E, 50F, 54, 55, 55A, 56, 56A, 56W, 60, 63, 64, 65, 65A, 65B, 70, 70A, 71 Complex, 71A, 71B, 71C, 71 Trailers, 88, 88D, 90 Complex, 90 Trailers, and Blackberry Trailers

Planned Outage Duration: Approximately 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
* For 54, 70 and 70A only, the outage duration will be approximately 15 minutes
Impact: With the exception of building standby generator power, all power, including utilities will be off to the affected buildings. Use this information to plan ahead to minimize the impact to your Division’s operations and research.

Building Access: For safety reasons, there will be no access to affected buildings during the duration of the shutdown. Access is strictly limited to authorized personnel involved with the project.

Contact: If you have specific questions related to this event, contact John Kim (x6283).

Go here to view map of outage areas.

Go here for information from IT Division on impact of outage.

IT Power Shutdown Scheduled for Weekend of July 11th

A power shutdown is scheduled for this Saturday, July 11th to enable necessary maintenance on the Lab’s power distribution system. The power shutdown involves several buildings, including the 50 complex, which houses the Lab’s central IT systems.

Most IT systems will be offline from Friday, 7/10 at 5:00pm through midday on Sunday, 7/12. We expect most systems to be available by Sunday night but some systems will not return until Monday midday.

If you are in a building impacted by the outage (see below), there will be no network connectivity inside your building or access to the internet during the power outage.  In addition, you are strongly encouraged to shut down all computing equipment before the outage.  Computers and equipment are easily damaged by power outages.

Services that should be available

We expect the following systems to be AVAILABLE throughout the outage:

However, in any power outage, there is the possibility that backup power systems will not function as expected.  With the exception of www, today, newscenter, and status, it is possible that the services above may also be unavailable if backup power does not come on.  

Services Not Available

The following systems will be OFFLINE from Friday night until Sunday night (sub-bullets are examples of services, not all inclusive lists):

  • All Business Applications (Return to Service by Sunday at 5pm)

    • EHS Systems, Facilities Systems including Maximo, Financial Systems (FMS, AMS, ebuy, etc), HR Systems (HRIS, LETS, etc), Reporting Tools (Cognos), Protective Services Applications (visitorpass), etc.

  • All High Performance Computing Systems provided by IT (Return to Service by Monday at 5pm)

    • All HPC Clusters

    • Lawrencium

    • All HPC managed storage and web servers

  • All Collaboration Services except for Google Apps (Return to Service by Sunday at 5pm)

    • Windows File Storage provided by IT (synonyms: CIFS, Grouper, G Drive, etc)

    • Commons.lbl.gov Wiki

    • Legacy Systems: eRoom and Webspace

  • All Hosting Services provided locally by IT (Return to Service by Sunday at 5pm)

    • Systems hosted on Websnap/Plesk Infrastructure

    • Customer Virtual Machine Hosting

  • Most everything else: (Return to Service by Sunday at 5pm)

    • UCB Library Proxy Service

    • Windows Printing Services

    • Some Windows Authentication Services

    • Sophos AV updates

List of Buildings Impacted by Power Outage: 

  • 33B, 50, 50A, 50B, 50C, 50E, 50F, 54, 55, 55A, 56, 56A, 56W, 60, 63, 64, 65, 65A, 65B, 70, 70A, 71 complex, 71A, 71B, 71C, 71 Trailers, 88, 88D, 90 complex, 90 Trailers, and Blackberry Trailers

These buildings have different power outage windows on Saturday.  However, given the various dependencies and pre-outage shutdowns, customers in these buildings should assume no network connectivity from early Saturday to early Sunday, even though it is expected the outage will be shorter.