Emergency Management

Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will go into operations when an emergency is declared at the Lab.

The EOC is comprised of individuals who are trained to operate the Lab during an emergency. Representatives from all operations and science areas are part of the team. The group participates in drills several times a year.

Lab Preparations

Food, water, and first aid are the basic life safety supplies that will be needed after an emergency, such as an earthquake. The Lab’s Emergency Management group has strategically placed six white disaster containers, one per each zone, that contain these supplies, along with other items such as tarps, tents, potties, and blankets.

Canned water with a 50-year shelf life and Meals Ready to Eat or MREs are staged in the containers. These offer protein and high-calories to provide energy to sustain body functions. Other supplies include emergency medical supplies, along with tarps, tents, potties, and blankets.

Assembly Areas

In an emergency you will be directed to the nearest emergency assembly area by your building manager or other emergency personnel.

Please observe the locations of these areas as you travel through the Lab to be familiar with not only the site closest to your normal work location, but at other locations as well.