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Red Flag Warning CANCELLED

The National Weather Service has cancelled its Red Flag Warning for the East Bay Hills.

This is an opportunity to remind you about the critical role you play in stopping a wildfire from starting.

At the Lab:

At home:

If you see signs of smoke or fire, please call 911. If you have other incident concerns, contact the Lab's Site Operations Center at (510) 486-6999.

Please be aware that this situation can change quickly. Sign up for LabAlert on your personal mobile device. Monitor your email,, 1-800-445-5830, or Twitter@LBNLStatus over the weekend.



Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Operations during a Red Flag Warning at the Lab

Lab status



Building 84 Project: TUESDAY, May 11 @ 3:00 p.m.

Building 84 is open for tenants and users. There are no other open issues. Information is updated on the Building 84 project site.

There are no ADDITIONAL issues at this time.

You can also receive status notifications by following the Lab on Twitter at @LBNLstatus or calling 1-800-445-5830.

This website was created as part of Berkeley Lab's emergency response plan for local and regional disasters. In the event of any disruption of services, this site will provide a means for Lab employees to communicate with each other and stay informed on the status of lab operations.

The Emergency Status Information Line is: 1-800-445-5830.