Emergency Lab Volunteers

Building Emergency Team (BET)

The Lab has approximately 400 BET members assigned to each occupied Lab building. They are equipped with two-way radios to receive and transmit emergency information and communications with personnel in the EOC.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

CERT volunteers conduct light search and rescue operations, perform basic fire suppression, provide basic first aid, assess and transport patients. There are 100 CERT members at the Lab.

Emergency Volunteers at the Lab

Over 500 employee volunteers work to keep everyone safe at the Lab. The volunteer teams are managed by the Lab’s Emergency Management group and endorsed by various federal and national programs. The volunteers are trained, qualified, and drilled every quarter to keep their skills current.

The drills are an important part of resiliency for the laboratory and assist with not only emergency management planning efforts, but provide personnel an opportunity to practice their expected actions. Participation is important to provide a true and accurate picture and better prepare the lab.

The volunteer teams are alphabetically:

  • Building Emergency Team, or BET -- 418 members

  • Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT -- 100 members

These team members are either nationally or state certified. Volunteers are always needed. CERT is one-time training. BET team members are re-certified every two years. If you are interested in joining one of these teams, contact emergencymanagement@lbl.gov.