Building 84 Updates

Updated WednesDAY, MAY 12 at 4:00 P.m.

Current Building Status: The building is open to tenants and users.

Changes Since Last Update

Information, timelines and next steps were provided during the town hall meeting this afternoon.

Progress of Repairs

Please see the attached link below to today's town hall meeting and PowerPoint Presentation for your reference in case you didn't get an opportunity to attend the meeting:

If there are any changes to this schedule, you will be notified via email.

Air Quality Updates

EH&S/Facilities continues to monitor carbon monoxide with stationary devices. Stationary sensors for Carbon Monoxide (CO) are stationed in two locations. One is in the first floor equipment wash room (102) and a second in the second floor lobby area (Cubicle 0291B). Two additional stationary sensors were placed in the 1st floor lobby and second floor lobby on 5/12/2021.

The first floor equipment wash room had an average CO reading of zero and a max CO reading of 0.2 ppm (well below any occupational exposure concerns).

The second floor lobby had an average CO reading of zero and a max CO reading of 0.0 ppm (also well below any occupational exposure concerns).

No CO or natural gas was detected by the newly installed sensors.

PMTs also walked occupied and mechanical spaces and did not detect any natural gas odors.

Monitoring will continue this week and you will receive air quality updates at least once a day and will be notified immediately through LabAlert if there are any hazardous conditions.

Working Conditions

The natural gas line that supplies the water heaters and lab equipment remains on and no leaks have been detected. A second natural gas line that feeds the boilers remains closed until functional testing is complete.

There is no heat in the building until the modification/upgrades are made, boilers are tuned, boiler system functional testing is successfully completed and all systems are verified to be operating properly. EH&S has determined that it is safe to use space heaters. Your FAM, Francisco Armenta-Guitierrez, has secured space heaters for your temporary use. If you need a space heater, contact Francisco at 510-316-9097.

Contact Information

  • Project lead (Primary Contact) Sam Phillips 510-631-7519

  • Building issues not related to repairs: FAM Francisco Armenta-Guitierrez 510-316-9097

  • Other unrelated program issues: Building Manager Garret Bohlar 510-333-9500