Emergency Directory

The LBL Telephone Directory may not be available in an emergency, since it exists on LBL servers. The Directory below is an export of the Directory taken at the beginning of each month. It contains only the Name, Office Phone, and Office Location of Active employee and guests records. We suggest you download a local copy of this to a laptop or thumb drive occasionally.

To generate the report yourself, Go to Cognos Reporting System (cogweb.lbl.gov). Select HR Reports, then Employee Roster, then "Edit Profile" on the top menu. Select the organizations (Level 1 or 2) that you want information from. (Note: you do not need to select Level 2, it will default to all of Level 1). Click Next on the bottom menu. On the next panel, select "override default..." then PDF (our suggestion). You can select delivery by email, or normal download in Cognos.

Note Please: If you wish to publish this report on a public website, please remove the employee numbers which are generated by default. To do this, output the report to Excel (XLS), select the employee and supervisor columns, and use Find and Replace (control-f) and search for (*) and replace it with nothing. It is LBL practice not to disclose complete lists of Employee IDs.
Emergency Directory.pdf