Berkeley Lab SIteS Status

Grizzly Gate is Open

Repairs are completed, and Grizzly Gate is now open for exiting vehicles. Grizzly Gate is open from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. for incoming vehicles.



Masking is required indoors no matter the vaccination status due to the Department of Energy requirement for masks when the site’s county is at a HIGH COVID Community Level. Masking outdoors, no matter the vaccination status or the distance between people is no longer required.

  • Masks are required indoors for all regardless of their COVID vaccination status (vaccinated and unvaccinated).

    • Note: When eating and drinking indoors, a six-foot distance must be maintained.

  • Masks are still required on Lab shuttles and in Health Care settings, including Lab Health Services (Building 26).

  • Masks are not required when alone in a room with the door shut.

When masks are required at a Lab site, one of the following options must be worn:

  • N95 respirator (without exhalation valve) - all are encouraged to use this greater level of protection

  • KN95 or KF94 mask

  • Surgical-type mask

  • Cloth face covering worn over a surgical-type mask (double-masking)

  • Filtered cloth face covering

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This website was created as part of Berkeley Lab's emergency response plan for local and regional disasters. In the event of any disruption of services, this site will provide a means for Lab employees to communicate with each other and stay informed on the status of lab operations.

The Emergency Status Information Line is: 1-800-445-5830.