Liquid Nitrogen

What is the problem:

  • There was a shortage of liquid nitrogen (LN) since the Lab's manufacturer of LN had a piece of critical equipment fail.

  • Permanent repairs have been made.

  • NEW: Deliveries have returned to 100% of historical average, but our supplier cautions that we are still in a continuity event (due to ongoing driver shortages and truck issues).

What should employees do:

  • NEW: If you notice a problem with the tanks, or tank levels are extremely low, notify your tank owner or PMT. Tank owners should report any delivery issues to Linde or Procurement help desks.

  • NEW: Provide feedback to the CIMG on how this continuity event was managed, including any lessons learned that should be incorporated into our long-term recovery strategy.

  • Refer to this conservation of cryogenic liquids sheet.

What is the current situation:

Who is working on this at the Lab:

  • The Lab's Critical Incident Management Group (CIMG) is helping with the response coordination and to better understand the impact on research.

  • Facilities is coordinating deliveries and monitoring liquid nitrogen levels in the tanks.


This page will be updated as new information becomes available.