LN News


The equipment failure at the Bay Area liquid nitrogen manufacturing plant continues to impact supply to the area including the Lab. This reduction in liquid nitrogen supply is expected to continue for several more weeks. Please continue to conserve liquid nitrogen during the winter break.

The Lab’s Critical Incident Management Group (CIMG), with representatives from Operations and research areas, will continue to monitor Labwide tank levels, coordinate deliveries with the liquid nitrogen supplier, track and verify each delivery, and update tank stakeholders.

These mitigating actions will continue throughout the winter break. Here is what you need to know:

  • The vendor will continue to deliver liquid nitrogen over the break.

  • The CIMG will provide daily tank level updates by 10 a.m. at status.lbl.gov.

  • The CIMG will send emails or call tank owners and other stakeholders if issues of concern develop.

  • If you have a liquid nitrogen critical issue over the winter break, please contact the Site Operations Center at 510-486-6999 for immediate assistance.

Please forward this information as appropriate. Colleagues who did not receive this update directly can be added to the mailing list. The CIMG will be activated if any other emergency that impacts our Lab sites occur during the winter break. If you encounter any issues during the break, please contact the Site Operations Center at 510-486-6999, or in an emergency, call 911.

Thank you.

Gus Bannan

Liquid Nitrogen CIMG Lead